Well I'm sure there is no black out period only six days after they last bought in Feb.  Today I see over 80K on the ask at 85 cents and that is AFTER taking out what was probably around 100K 85 cents bid.  I have suspected that huge bid at 85 cents lingering for the past couple of weeks might be a buy order from insiders.  But now we get to find out if that is the case and to test out my theory.  If they are not loading up here at 85 cents then I very likely question their motive.


Again, $140K spent does nothing to "support" the price dollar wise.  But what they appeared to be doing was pushing up the stock by an extra penny or two when the sp was already trading near its relative highs during the two periods in mid-Jan and early-Feb which on paper shines a bright light on the sp and it also looks good when it coincides with insider buying.


I will shut up for now and observe.