Mexivada's Hislop Property, Matheson, Ontario: Mexivada owns the 8-unit claim "Tony" group 4251933 in Hislop Township. This claimblock is located south of Roger, in the Matheson mining camp, near the large former gold producing Ross gold mine. Mexivada presently is compiling and analyzing data from the property. Certain parties drilled 4 holes on the property in the past, and a fifth hole just west of the west boundary of the Tony property. More field work will be conducted on the property in 2013, and possibly new drilling.

Mexivada's "Tony" property has a gold mineralized occurrence on it, as is shown on Ontario map 2676 as present on Mexivada's claim group, which will be mapped and sampled in 2012 by Mexivada. A magnetometer-very-low-frequency ("VLF") survey was completed for Mexivada on all of Mexivada's Hislop properties, by Katrine Exploration of Kirkland Lake. VLF is used to find water-filled fault zones, which may host and carry gold mineralization. Mexivada is searching for additional northerly-trending fault zones for mineralization similar to Brigus Gold's 147 and Contact Zones and on the Roger property.

Mexivada feels that its Tony property in the Matheson-Hislop mining area holds decent potential to find a new sizeable gold deposit, and Mexivada is diligently working on it to unlock value for the shareholders of Mexivada. Mexivada has numerous friends amongst the populace and companies working in this area, and is working hard to establish good, friendly relations with all the people of the region, including keeping First Nations people informed of our activities and working to earn their trust.