Pay close attention to nos 5, 3 & 2:


#5 - Brigus Gold

Brigus Gold (Quote: BRD) currently sits at just .95 cents a share, with market cap of about $220 million. With a current P/E of just 11, analysts project earnings of .19 cents per share in 2013. This would give Brigus a current Forward P/E of just 5! Either this gold mining stock stays ridiculously undervalued, or the share price starts to move up.

The company expects to produce 85 - 100 K ounces of gold from its Black Fox operation in 2013, at cash costs of about $700 an ounce. If they can deliver with higher production and lower costs of production, I think the company will see a boost in its share price.

My price target for 2013 is $2 a share, potentially providing a nice double for 2013. If the price of gold goes higher than $2,000, I think this company can go even higher with it.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------re $2,000 POG ------


Thus the macro and micro picture could be getting set-up for a rewarding 2013.





Kwel2: Some of my recent achronyms.....also Google achronyms in Mining ......

SRP = Shareholder Rights Plan

BFS/FFS = Bankable/Full Feasibility Study


EIA = Environmental Impact Assessment


C of A -  Certificate of Approval to Operate a Mining Facility


OP = Open Pit


UG = underground


gps= grams per tonne


PPV = Peak Particle Velocity