RE:"  that's the best map I've seen of how close SAS Hislop North is to the GF zone!!"


Using the scale on pg 8, hole H12 - 029 is a mere 125 m from the BRD boundary, makes an interesting dilema (good problem to have) re party walls, benches, PPV of blasts, etc, but SPECULATION is only that.


Alternatively, BRD could always look at mining to the North and put the "squeeze" to SAS. With a JV SAS West or East Pit could be used to collar a decline/ramp to underground at GF. Leaving the option of the GF open pit(s) in-tact. Giving two production sources, with the ramp option being potentially easier (less regulatory intensive ... re timeline to a second stream of diluted UG 6 gpt ore).


BWDIK?  The more I look at it, the more I'm convinced that patience COULD be rewarded; provided that the T1, T2 or T3 with deep pockets (enough to obviate a SRP) can wait for the BFS/FFS.