RE:"And what are the chances of being able to acquire more land in Timmins."


I cuncur with DR that Goldfields will only be considered after BRD Black Fox can achieve 25k of steady state production. As previously mentioned, the location (re weather and access) and availibility/cost of manpower COULD be deciding factors. I believe that an updated NI43-101 is a must b4 any final go foward decision is made as I believe that an updated NI 43-101 should have been a pre-requisite b4 Linear's lifeline to APG. Recall Apollo's sale of Bogfit's prized property to a Japanese company. Doing so could have avoided the "penalty box" for the ex-beothuk ...and game misconduct for an Barrick exec in a market that appears to be punishing/capping the producers especially those without a positive cash flow.


RE:" And what are the chances of being able to acquire more land in Timmins."


How about some "horse" trading? Recall in the last SAS NR that I posted (the section highlighted in red) SAS made reference to BRD's ore system being 500 m away <and possibly contiguous> without actually using BRD's name. What's up with that? Are we operating under the radar?  Now we have a plan to insert production from the Stock Mine which last produced in 2003 ahead of Grey Fox.  Back to horse trading, is it possible that Tetra (or other NI 43-101/ BFS provider) is now in possession of the XYZ's c/w intersection and gpt of a "closeology contestant"? Maybe, maybe not. Point being, there could be a compelling argument to bring at least two companies together to consider a Hislop North for Stock Mine "swap" ... or some other arrangement with one or both trading cash, shares, milling capacity, property access, NSR, etc.


BWDIK? In the synergy "game" a move to the BFS/FFS COULD be a signal that the Osisko pit could be a "settling pond" in comparison/compared to the potential Hislop "super-pit". Can't wait to see this C of A (water) for this EIA.


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