While all attention,  and properly so, is on Black Fox and Grey Fox, the Gold Fields property is put on the backburner.The 25685 hectares property, that hosts the Box and Athona gold deposits ,which are near Uranium City.It seems to me that currently Brigus has their plate full with their Timmins properties.So what about Gold Fields? Sit on it, go joint venture or sell it outright?To split up the team and spread out, to cover both locations, or hire a new compliment to look after Gold Field what is the answer. What is the value for Gold Field? Or perhaps a joint venture? And what are the chances of being able to acquire more land in Timmins.The forgoing are only my opinions. At this time I would like to wish every one a Merry Christmas.and the hope that Brigus will move up substantially in the near term.. Cheers to all Josa.PS, I enjoy the informitive posts.