RE:"what do you think the probability is of one of the "closeology contestants" taking a run at BRD??"


SAS took a run at Apollo in a previous market cycle. To DR's credit he got the SAS Stock Mine/Mill (using some cute moves) and upgraded it from 1100 to 2000?.  Not sure if any of the "closeology contestants" have the resources to take a run at BRD. Some of the others in the Timmins Camp saw an various entities do an amalgamation of potential properties.


Based on long term (over 40 years) observations of the Timmins Camp, I would be inclined to POSTULATE that a mid-tier, T1 or other entity could be at work on a consolidation plan based on the "string of pearls" potential for the Hislop neighbours. Sometimes a "deal" with a potential suitor could be contingent on the successful completion of a Bankable Feasibility Study.


For those that believe that it is the "market" then, we may have to wait to see what the market brings us in the New Year. Could the POG manipulators lose control of their paper war?


RE:"Any chance this is why the SP keeps getting knocked down and BRD is stuck in this trading zone??"


We cannot forget tax loss selling. This has been the worse that I seen in recent years. However, this could be an excellent opportunity for those with a penchant risk in a increasingly (apparently rigged) market that even the exchange/regulators favours the HFT and well heeled.