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In reviewing the end of day closes there are some real strange volume patterns in the juniors. GPL and others mentioned above had massive volume in the last 5-15 min of trading. Almost 600K GPL shares in the last 5 minutes of trading knocking the price instantly down to $1.45. It's as if they ran all the nearby stops. Same action occurred in 6-10 other juniors as well (THM, AZK, PZG, GSS, etc.) Not sure what was going on. Either a junior fund dumping in mass because of something bad coming next week...or a market maker running all the stops to buy 'em all cheap. GSS was hammered at the close with 1.5 MILL shares sold in the last 5 min. The amount of volume in those 5-15 min was in some cases on the order of an entire normal week's volume. I'm befuddled as to what's going on and what's coming at us next week. Sort of reminds me of the massive Nugt volume on August 1st when someone ran all the stops and nullified a week's worth of gains in one morning. Fat "goldfingers" or something else?