Bought an additional 20,000 shares @ $.82.

Current Position:  70,000 shares @ $.85. any investment there are risks...but...I believe the Brigus Team is headed in the right direction!

Execution is the word...let's go Team!

If this "thing" does not double by the end of the year...then...I was wrong...a triple is not out of the my opinion.

By the way...the Preliminary Economic Assessment regarding the Contact & 147 Zones is no doubt very robust...should be released shortly...they will soon get Daniel on it!


P.S.  We must understand the moves that are being made...the addition of Daniel Racine and furthermore his acceptance is speaking loudly...the market will pick up on it!

         There are most definitely plans in the can bet on it!

          I am trying to figure out exactly what is going on...I have some ideas but I just cannot put my "finger on it".