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Open Text Corporation T.OTC

Sector: Technology | Sub-Sector: Software - Application

Open Text Corporation is an independent company providing a suite of information management software products that help people in organizations work, interact, and innovate in a secure, engaging, and productive way.
Price: $50.81 | Change: +$0.45 | % Change: +0.89%
Volume: 180,877 | Day High/Low: 51.30/50.21 | 52 Week High/Low: 58.03/28.385

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SP down on a good market day

The share price was down $1.08 or 2.10% on a good day on the NASDAQ market. Only 2 more trading days before earning results are released on Thursday after the market closes.  Aplus  rate and reply
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From Friday Apr18, 2014 news release

This is great, just before the WORLD show up in Brazil for the 2014 world cup games. GOOOOAL! Waiting for Thursday earning report.  OpenText (TSX:OTC, Stock Forum), a Waterloo Ontario-based...read more
5 stars

RE:TECH bubble to burst?

dont know what q3 numbers will bring, although i'm guessing they'll be fine as otc has beat estimates 3 out of the last 4 quarters and 6 out of the last 7.  and the eps estimates i gave my last...read more
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TECH bubble to burst?

I'm hoping it doesn't happen to OTC. I'm waiting for the Q3 numbers on April 24.  rate and reply
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Out 100%

sometimes, stocks just "run out of gas," Another one I had was T.AVO, Avigilon, same thing. TSX up 5.5% YOY. If we can bang off a plus-20% over-all return for Year 2014, 'ya need to "get aggressive."  rate and reply
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too cheap here

already through half of their fiscal 2014 year, expected earnings for 2015 is $3.58. on a $52 shareprice thats a p/e of 14.52 with lots of eps growth ahead and a great balance sheet. dont know what...read more
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Reassuring Words from Jason Donville, March 11th, Tuesday

I know we greedy Gusses are getting impatient with this stock that has been trading sideways in an "up;" TSX market. Hang in there..OTC is still one of Donville's top 5 positions. Given that his Fund...read more
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Note to martinboum

'' Yea, look what happened to the near-invincible MasterCard after their split. Geeeesh. If 'it ain't broke, why do they fix it?"  rate and reply
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RE:Uchuck, looks like you were right

Splits and reverse splits suck.  rate and reply
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Judging by Date of Most Recent "Q" Report

Our next Earnikngs report would be on or around April 23rd. As long as we keep getting a steady diet of great NR's, could be dynamo share price come May, 2014  rate and reply
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note to bavaro75

Ohmigosh, I did not think my comments would, alas be so influential. As they say (stock splits), 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it." They did so anyways. And..Earnings date is a few painful months away...read more
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Still "Lots of Hope" for Tomorrow

Investor's Digest issue, Feb.28th, 2014, summary of EPS forecasts. I could never figure out their ambiguous columns for EPS Forecasts. First column says "Latest EPS," 2nd one is headed "Current Year,"...read more
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Uchuck, looks like you were right

The split just seem to have suck the life right out of this.  rate and reply
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Long Wait to Next Earnings Report

around April 23rd, give or take, judging by the timing of the last Report.  rate and reply
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They're Up, So, then we're down a bit

Methinks those Canucks wanting a 100% Account in home currency are drifting to BB from here. Then again it was that "relationship" that brought me here in the first place.  rate and reply
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Notice re:Stock split

on TDWaterhouse, what are you doing? Looking for some direction,  No smarmy comments, please and thank you.  rate and reply
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All-In Assets Lookng a Little Sparse?

My self-directed trading account does not yet roll up the all-in value to reflect stock splits, should show up in a day or two.  rate and reply
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So Far. So Good

Sometimes, stock splits can go down on you can just "run out of gas" on you. I maintain, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Fingers are crossed.  rate and reply
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Like it or Not...

stock split en route soon. I'm superstitious, hope it doesn't lose it's cachet, exclusivity..  rate and reply
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Stay Here, Forget about AAPL + GOOG

See my note under T.CSU, Constellation.  rate and reply