..in real the costs per oz are lower as Q4 2012 because they sold only 8700 oz of gold in Q1  ... but they produced 13700 oz of gold...  so the cost per oz produced should be much lower at all this is why the SP is up...  around 10 milion$ unrealized profit in Q1

What matters is how much they produce and not what they sell in any one period.  Gold, copper, silver in inventory is an assest just as good as cash. What is comparable month to month is cash costs per oz. produced net by-products.

Price was up on increased volume today.  Shareholder's are less willing to let their shares go because the company is earning money and profitability ahead is sure now.  Share value is improving based on fundementals of two mines operating profitably. 

Holding appreciating shares while Copperwood is developed removes the risk of having everything on the line as one would on a single mine development. 

Essentially, you get a stake in Copperwood for free with two operating mines appreciating share value.

That is why buyers want in and current holders do not want to sell.  Demand exceeding the supply of shares available.