As I see it ,major news HAS come.

As we know, there has been a significant financial risk - say last 6-10(?) months in ORV.

That was pointed out ,quite correctly by Doulis.

First I was embarrassed by his low esimate of the SP, but not any longer.

Frankly, I did not understand the fragile situation of ORV .

Then I remember what BW said , just after taking office: I do not understand why the former

management did not see the severity in the situation of ORV.

And now I question , if the other analysts , have ever seen the total picture of ORV.

After the analytic comments by Yogi, which made me worried , my conclusion was that I have to try to understand and find out more myself.

I looked much closer into the Q1 report and found important answers.

Then ,as you knoow ,I questioned BW and got very good comforting explanations  about the financials

and the liquidity situation both short, medium and long term.

BW also gave a guidance of 2013 profit ,without hesitating.

I also -partially- work losely together with another ,say, analyst body : Gecko -research.

And also they have had the opinion about ORV : the big loans are a risk. Can they be serviced?

They talk  about risk / reward. And that is a very important ingredient.

NOW , after the clarification of the liquidity situation etc , the risk is MUCH LOWER.

THAT is why we see a higher SP for ORV. Major news has come.

So the probability , to reach the high profit for 2013 , is significantly higher.

(  I am much more aware of risk now. 

Unfortunately it could be very hard to find the risks.

Exampel : how do you find out that the management is over-promising? Etc,etc,)