I dunno... not necessarily that major news is coming. I think it may be a case of extreme cheap valuation getting corrected slightly.


If they had managed to sell the 1000 ton in Dec instead of Jan, they would booked another $7.8M in pure profit straight to the bottom line for Q1. (Q2 #'s should look quite good because of this).


This would give an additional 5.7cents to the EPS ($7.8M/137M shares OS), putting Q1 EPS at almost 9cents/share. Annualized, that's 35 to 36c, meaning we were trading at a PE multiple of under 3. With the past 2 day run up, we're still at a 3.25 PE multiple. =) 


With their dec production at EVBC at 6koz Au, it's quite possible that we'll exceed their guidance for fiscal 2013. But it sure is nice for ORV to be moving up on relatively high volume these 2 days when the PM miners market was getting sold down along with gold/silver.