Cash flow , page 17 :

" The lower cash flows provided by operating activities ....resulted primariy from higher inventory balances"

For me it is the 1000 tonnes not sold , going to Q2. Right?

But I do not know the value of 1000 tonnes of concentrate.

Payment due in less than 1 year  , 44921 ,(page 18 ) :

"ORV has restricted cash of 14338 to cover a portion of ...committments due in less than 1 year of 44921"

" ORV expects to meet the remainder...from cash flows ..."

" In 2012 ORV generated cash flow ..of 41705... with ramp-up EVBC ..and UMZ.."

As I understand it, there will be no problem to meet the obligations of payments due in 1 year.

So, frankly Yogi, I see he situation as much better than you do