Tomander....not sure Copperwood is the saviour it is being made out to be.The reality is that it will take $200+ million to develop....which is about the same money they spent acquiring Kinbauri and getting both UMZ and EVBC up and running. How are we doing on that front? See, Orvana is in a pickle, no cash to self fund the development. They are up to their eye balls in liquidity issues. If its not debt servicing, its enviro bonds, or bolivia bank loans, or fabulosa loans, or concentrate sale restrictions, or.....Any company seeing this will realize they can dictate what Copperwood JV terms they want. They are dealing from a position of weakness here.....dont fool yourself in thinking this is a huge gamechanger. Just ask what the market thinks. They usually get it right.I sold a portion of my position today. While there are good signs, there are also still signs of potential trouble. I dont want to be left holding the bag. Unfortuneatly for me i waited way too long. Besides, if this was the deal of the century wouldn't you think a few insiders would be buying.Yogi...>