My basic feeling is that ORV has been corrected professionally by BW and is on the right way.

Production is increasing very good at EVBC with 6000 oz in dec.

Debts are paid off - at the right pace I hope.

All problems at EVBC and also UMZ seems to be addressed and solved.

The liquidity squeeze seems to be solved short term , but could emerge , as  the Bolivian banks

do not promise to renew loans. But they have been renewed so far.

IF UMZ has to repay loans, UMZ can not support EVBC- if needed.

BUT EVBC will be self-financing from Q2.

Also ,ORV has still got the possibility to increase drawings from Fabulosa - in case of emergency.

Also we have seen much lower capex, which helps financing, but capex is needed

going forward :

" planned expenditures are important for the continued stability and developement of the company´s operations "

Finally we await the permits for the great Copperwood project.