In the news release, BW said "”Operations continued to improve, including the production of over 6,000 ounces of gold at the EVBC Mine in December".


If EVBC is operating smoothly and is able to maintain or exceed Dec's production of 6koz for the remainder of the year, we could be looking at around 72Koz production from EBVC alone. Plus 12Koz projected for UMZ, that puts 2013 gold prod. at around 84Koz.


Compared to Q4 #'s, costs are actually up just slightly.

Cash cost $847 vs $720

Produciton cost $1053 vs $987


The eps/cf #'s are lower because 1,000 tons of concentrate was not sold until Jan. This would show up in Q2 #'s, so Q2 #'s would have a big bump, while current Q1 #'s are a bit lower. 17,759oz gold produced vs 13,035oz sold for evbc.