The 25-40 year old generation, my generation, is struggling to find/keep good job, pay the mortgage and rise the kids, while I look at the province debt, the state of infrastructure, the drowning economy, I can only say that we need a PQ majority like a bullet in the head.

it enrages me to see the seventies baby boomer dreaming of a country when he just sold me his small family house 4 fold what he paid for. Now that the boomer is debt free he spend the rest of his good time resdicovering marihuana and listening to Harmonium dreaming of the paradise of Quebec country.

 it enrages to have the disconnected mono-linguistic boomer telling me that we need to protect our culture and hence forbid my kid to attend English school, while I'm trying to raise my daughters as citizen of the world and I have to pay 7k a year to send them in private school so they have more than just one hour of English per week. I can't afford to pay  that, but ignorance is not an option for me.

it enrages me to see the blatant stupid boomer telling me that a sovereign QC will be in better posture to give his citizens better opportunities, when the damn fool retired at 55 and that I will probably have to wort till 70 to pay through my taxes his health care (and mine). All this when 40% of my fellow citizens do not pay taxes( not because of loophole, but because they are simply too poor) 

it it enrages me to see the boomer telling me how we would be better off out canada, when we are actually receiving tremendous of money from equalization payment,  when we should take part of this great and beautifull country positively and try to improve it instead of just tearing it up.

this out of date debate is for old fart disconnected loosers full of resent.