I don't know molynus, clearly though in the comment sections at the end of article, you usually see rednecks commenting, easily identifiable. But hey no remorse we have ours too in QC (Although we see way less hatred and hate speeches toward anglos in la presse, JdeM or le Devoir, seems like they are closelly minotored contrary to their ROC equivalent)... (I read almost all of them, french and english)


Anyway I was mostly reffering to SUN media network not the national post which I don't believe being under the control of PKP (Maybe? got to check).


On the other hand, and this is valid to both Quebeckers and ROC people, short short short QRB...


1- Strong possibilities that the guy will have to get rid of lots of stock

2- ROC ressentment should be at its paroxysm midterm, imagine all the anti-QC, franco hater redneck working for sun,  all their hard labor was used to fill the pocket of the greatest ennemy of Canada up to now. This is just epic. What a blow! I must admit.

3- ROC will never accept that their right wing media is controlled by greatest force against federalism since Bouchard, they will do something to take back the controll of the business


I call this a multi-year short based on political turmoil, rare occasion, rare in north america, profit from it. All imo of course I can't predict the future.



Even though I'm federalist, I must say wow. And also just to specify I know that rednecks commenting in national post and sun does not represent the vast majority of canadians who are usually peacefull and kind and very polite.


It is almost like if PKP had let the lunatics (those like molynus)  do their law without supervision in his media without refraining them for and exact and well calculated purpose of exposing them for his mission.


If I was a Sun media columnist, edito, reader, viewer... damn I would feel raped and utilised... my hate being milked at the advantage of my ennemy!!! lol this is just brilliant. This is political Karate, and PKP just used his opponents force and negative energy against them.


At least now it is clear, for the next election in QC it is about a referendum or no referendum. Man, we need the liberals to win this...