Goldcomeback:  here is the lawsuit again for you to read just incase missed it.  You may notice the posters used words like "crook" and claimed manipulation, just like you and they will be found out and put through the courts.  Good luck!

Canada Carbon wins identifying orders for forum users Ticker Symbol: C:CCB Canada Carbon wins identifying orders for forum users Canada Carbon Inc (C:CCB) Shares Issued 70,682,794 Last Close 12/13/2013 $0.17 Friday December 13 2013 - Street Wire by Mike Caswell Canada Carbon Inc. has won orders in the Supreme Court of British Columbia that could allow it to identify two Stockhouse posters the company claims were behind a series of defamatory messages. The orders, handed down on Friday, Dec. 13, direct Shaw Communications Inc. and Rogers Communications Inc. to provide the names of customers linked to the Stockhouse aliases "Jinbag" and "doobyus." Canada Carbon claims that those users called its management crooks and implied the company was being manipulated.