Money,,, just for clarity here,,, no where did I state that Glencore is inconsequential.

As a matter of fact I think that as a future prospect it is great news. At least as good as Veolia.

Regarding all of the big names now associated with Ort I also think that is great news for future prospects.

What I am talking about is tomorrows AGM.

I do not want to see management slip away from the concrete issues that need to be addressed NOW by using this Glencore NR as a deflector.

I don't want them to be able to suck up excessive time in the AGM with Glencore in order to run out of time to address the issues that they really owe us to address NOW.

The release of this NR so close to the AGM is no coincidence. They will try to use it to suck up time and avoid the sticky questions facing them.

They will release no concrete facts about the Glencore deal at the AGM anyway so I don't want it to be used as a way to avoid the other issues.

You don't have to sell me on the future merits and prospects of Ort. I have been invested for 2 years and still have all of my shares. I understand what this company could become and that is why I am still in it.

One thing I have learned about this stock is that pumping does no good. RB has done enough of that and has been allowed to run loose and get us into this situation.

I am deep in the red on this stock and I am not interested in  any more  rah, rah rah activities.

I want management to stop the "warm and fuzzy" BS and show us the plan moving forward.

The solution to the present issues is there somewhere and is acheivable,,, I don't want to hear any more fluffy wet dreams about RBs mystical visions of the future at this critical point in the companys survival,,, I want to know what the plan is to get back on track now.