Thats the thing some how the market managed to make it all about Hpa when it was never meant to be the be all and end all for Orbite. I think it was the users of hpa that caused the company to expand and increase capacity and purity goals. There was a lot of excitement leading up to the completion of hpa 1 this may have led the company to believe that the market was worth pursuing when the share price was much higher.  Little did they know that the shorts had there own plans for some easy money.  

It is the led market that wants the 5n+ purity levels and pushed for it and this is what has allowed the shorts to make it seem like Orbite has frakked up bad. Orbite could probably pump out 3tpd of 4n but atm there is not that many buyers for that grade nor does it do anythng to reduce the price of led's which is what the market want needs for demand to grow. 

Since the market has gone sour on Orbite it is going to take some time to reinvigorate the dreams of Gaspe alumina.  RMR with Veolia may be enough to allow the company to get back to work on that one day.