Reading over some of the bb today I see many weary of the next short attack, or the next downturn.  Shorts are down to a million as of a week ago, and I'll bet they are even lower now.  A new focus has ORT in reversal uptrend mode, new Bd members with impecable credentials, Veolia sending in a heavyweitght to make sure RB doesn't screw up any more, and to ENSURE ORT SURVIVES  SO AS TO PROTECT THE MEGA MILLIONS VEOLIA AND ORT WILL MAKE IN THE FUTURE ON RMR,  Agm soon, more NRs in the near future,  Commissioning at any time a possiblity,  new investors drinking the coolaide, what more do you want.  This baby is moving back up!!! Major resistance in the 1.20 to 1.30 range. If we break those numbers, we are majorly off and running.. Keep the faith.  Veolia sure has a lot of faith in ORT, why shouldn't we!!!!!