I don't see the same problems for ORT as you do. :) I doubt there were many telling ORT to re-evaluate when the stock was $4. Since then, they've pushed back revenues but improved the numbers, etc. The CFB issue was way overblown being it was press released since Dec 7th, 2011 that it was coming. Mid to late 2012, the basic engineering was completed. Mid 2013, arrival and install. What else could they have done??? From the time it was internally addr'd to put out on SEDAR, was a difference of a few weeks. What were they to do??? Stop when they saw a "problem", blair it to the markets and then say.....we don't know yet, when asked.....what's the solution?? I don't see the need to change course at this point until any of it is shown to not work. The cash on hand is good, reporting is up to date, customers are deciding yes or no, Quebec produces alot of worlds Alum with projections to grab market share, RM limits are being reached & the REE issues in the world are real. It's not ORT's fault their tech is applicable to multiple industries all at once. LOL.  But that's just me.  Glta !! Chris