How much cash does ORT need to raise right now?? I'am honestly having a hard time following a serious need for going to the marker for any kind of serious cash. I see it as, Quotec would no doubt work with ORT for two reasons:

* The CFB was well known as of Dec 7th, 2011

* Quotec has nothing to gain by seeing this addtl calcine equipment not do it's job. At that point, they could bill ORT all they want. Heck, they could even bill ORT for 100's of millions.....won't mean a thing. Wink wink.


So Quotec can demand payment immediately for the remaining $10-$20m, and cause "hardship" on what should be the start of a multi-decade relationship. OR, they could do like ORT said & Incurre the cost by end of 2013 & watch their system be validated in Quebec and also ORT grow. My point is, everyone is worried about multiple of millions needing to be raised, when that's actually effected by ORT & Quotec. I doubt they'll shoot themselves in the foot over a joke of an amount. Especially after having come this far.


Just dosen't make sense. I could see a small raise for cushion like Drift suggested to cover "pop-ups" in the short-term. But imo, not a huge raise. But again, if i'am not seeing why there's a need for such a raise, i would appreciate anyone honestly helping me see the cost(s) that need covering beyound the incurring by end of 2013.


I'am only talking current HPA activities because like everyone else, i believe a pr on an MOU agreement, would bump us up pretty good. Ironically, when i think about it, the leeway they have with "end of 2013", is why they don't have to rush an MOU announcement.


They don't need alot of xtra cash for HPA activites / sales...etc at this point with $20m in the bank. Especially if they can start to bring in deals within the next few weeks or so. So i guess i'am in a very small minority that thinks no need to do a dillutive raising. Glta !!! Chris