This company has develop some serious and much needed green mineral extraction techniques.

It has been my premise all aong that the baystreet crowd has plotted to steal Orbite from the current shareholders,  one way or another they have succeeded as they manage to get the share price back into the pennies so they can load for cheap and with there cheating shorting  ways have made a boat load of money with the short and distort campaign. The games are far from over  essentiallly they have stolen all the value that was earned and are restarting the game. Orbite has to do its part too and start to deliver on earnings and progress with the jv's.  

So by trashing the share price they have remove the company's ability to easily raise  cash that will not cost us the owners and made it  very expensive and dangerous to issue large dilutive amounts of equity in exchange for workable sums of cash.

The best solution for now is to go slowly and so the company must and share holder are going to have to accept that survival will depend on moving forward slowly and carefully and not in leaps and bounds until the share price is returned to where it belongs!  There is no need to rush if that means bk or loss of control. 

If the  Banksters want control, the shares are cheap atm and they can always buy them 4.50 warrants if they need shares real bad although the clock is ticking on those lol