One last add-on brainstorm......we don't know what the billing cycle would be once the HPA is done. What's "customary" with somehting like this. Would the likes of a Quotec give you say.....30 days,,,60 days...90 days to pay ??? They know you're waitng to really ramp up with their equipment, so expecting "immediate" payment would be unrealisitic probably in their eyes. ( ????) But my point is.....there is surely a window of paying the heavy-equipment suppliers & for all we know, the remaining balance on the $85m could very well end up not needing to be payed back until early to late 1st quater....or later. These guys surely know ORT's Quebec plans and it's in their interest to work with ORT Vs. the opposite. So i doubt the way any of the big suppliers are re-paid, will ever be a problem. :)) I'am done with this for myself being it looks like all the info has always been out there between the MD&A's, etc....and these guys appear to be executing the best they can. Glta !!! Chris