Mindfree pointed out some new info on the SEDAR filing.

We all knew that way back when Ort had signed something with Amalgamet. We didn't know what the deal entailed.

Any time questions were asked about that deal it was always brushed off by management as being of no real consequence. Swept under the rug. No big deal.

They would not discuss it.

During all of the hype around the sending out of samples, management did not bother to mention anything about Amalgamet being involved. We were led to believe that Ort was pursuing direct sales with clients.

Now all of a sudden management just slips this little tidbit into a revised SEDAR filing?

All of a sudden Amalgamet have 5 years of brokers rights on every ounce of HPA that comes from the Grande Valley deposit !!

Did they think we would not notice? They have kept this little gem under wraps for a long time in a most deceitful manner.

Disgusting way to treat the retail shareholders and my guess is that EuroPacific is not too pleased either.

Dirty secrets abound.