is quite blurry as the market bigs try to steal this company from the current retail owners, They managed to erode a lot of share value from us through their underhanded and probably illegal manipulations.  This was done to create a buying opportunity for the shorts and those that can see the big picture of what Orbite really means to the Alumina industry over the next 5 years. If the company can keep it together and not dilute the life out of its existing share holders then these shares at these prices are the steal of the decade. There are those that are working hard to make the dilution a reality so they can buy up a controlling interest in this company and force us retailers to the curb. Then there are those that see the merit in not letting that happen, these folks are buying now   knowing that when the company survives this with its share capital as it is, which is a much better plan and easily possible that the Baystreet Pigs will not be successful in their plan.  Although it won't be as quick as a highly dilutive injection of Baystreets blood money, It is in the long run preferable for the many involved now. 

Slow and steady progress towards the goals will work, the set backs of the Hpa refinery not achieving 6n purity on the first go about was to be expected, this is high tech production and new tech being developed here, getting all bent out of shape cause you did not get your lollipop on time is very immature and everyone was very stupid to react in this way to this news thus providing the opportunity for the Banksters to easily take the candy from the babies'