Orbite and others since ORT's all time high in 2011: (note REMX in red, vector ETF)

Below REMX alone, nice... the sector seems to be about to recover

I think we are seing a reversal. Now on the Orbite story alone considering elements mentioned earlier:

-Mid year approaching
-Rusal almost...well at least RB is positive, but yeah... I know...

Hmmm a recovery in the strategic metal sector coupled with a good news could very well lift us swiftly up.
Maybe still little early to call for the uptrend, but it smells good. I bet i'm not alone seing this, humbly, more astute investors have seen this for quite few weeks... hence the intense, but under the radar well orchestrated short covering.  Time to buy on the technicals and on semi-strong potential fundamental dev. ?. Looks like to me! Time to buy. (Ok I never sold and don't have anymore money... so time to watch. lol)