I know one thing for sure here. If there was a hint of a whiff that this delay was life threatening this stock would be pennies for weeks already. Instead over half the remaining shorts have covered again after over half the shorts covering by mid April. There are now only 2.5 million shorts left down from over 10 million end of Feb.

Plus half a million nakeds from Friday alone, how many more have been deployed in this bear raid that slipped under the radar and at what price were those naked's sold at.  


He speaks as if Orbite shareholder's should consider themselves lucky and grate full that the almighty shorts have vacated the premises and had the courtesy to leave a little meat on the bone. This attitude that Orbite share holders got what they deserved but allows for no possible retribution for the shorts cheating ways is bullchit cause that is just the way it is, suck it up losers.

 We have at least the right to know we have been played by those that don't play by the rules and that all the nonsense that has been magnified by the declining share price and used as proof that something is terribly wrong was  not the case at all and for those that sold because of it should understand they have been illegally conned  and probably should think about buying back in sooner than later