The only thing I'm worried about is if Richard's ego will get in the way of progress.

I'm writing this with no disrespect intended to our Prez. I'm probably not the only one that feels like this. Richard should think about letting someone with more experience take over the reigns for these next few steps. He should stay in as the head of R & D and chaiman, but, we need new blood to help him along with whwere we want to be.

There are more qualified people with the experience necessary to drive this to the top. Richard should find someone that can swim with these sharks for Orbite.  The international game is WAY bigger than one thinks, it's very cut throat and vicious. The board of directors should realise that they must let someone with yars of experience take the helm as we navigate through these waters.

I'm not dissing Richard Boudreau, he's an execptional man, I  would just rather see a man with a lot of experience at sea to make sure we go as far up the channel as we can without running into the shoals that are just under the surface.

The Aluminum universe is very complex as with the business they are trying to devellop.  Richard shold be assisting this persom wit the board to make sure that they are going where we wnat them to.