So the official short position was cut in half latelly and we noticed an house with an urge to buy shares in a strange  and non visible supply shortage context for 73k shares during 5 minutes a Friday afternoon.


Add to this the may presentation stating interesting thing for mid-may. 

RB "two months comment"... Back in March or beginning April (anyone recall the interview and could repost the link for everyone.

Upcoming AGM where at least, at the very minimum, a clear exposition of the situation and questions will be answered.


There is obviously a lot a good reasons to reduce a short position right now,  to bad it is not as epic as we all hoped so far. But at least it is looking very difficult to bring this sub .90.


I believe in this context a good news ( meaning commercial oriented news) would have the effect we are all hoping for.


My humble reading of the situation is telling me that short position right now is really at risk, time to act, the enemy is looking the other way, slash it.