No I am not eating any magic mushrooms.

Since the consensus here seems to be that around $50 million is required to complete the short term needs and to provide a $25 million buffer or "rainy day fund," my fantasy as that the political establishment will come to the rescue, and offer some sort of bridge financing, whatever, in an effort to help the birthing process for this Quebec company and its' technology- in other countries perhaps an equity stake would be given for it, I don't know about Canada- as well as help provide jobs for the constituency and more business for the Orbite suppliers etc. This could come from a government agency or from this bank that is often referred to here, Le Caisse, I think it is.

Such an action is not without precedent, for example in China, I don't know about Canada. After all, this is a fantasy.

With a distinct likelihood of no news for the forseeable future, why not indulge in such musings? It might lift the spirits of a few here or provide some comedic value.

One thing for sure would result from such a move- the risk of a hostile takeover from the aluminum industry or a private hedge fund would be reduced, due to the increased share price that would occur upon the news, the need for a JV partner while still there could be obtained under more favorable terms to the young upstart without the absolute need for the 25-50 million now hanging over management's heads like a Damoclean Sword, and it might result in a short squeeze under the right timing- a thought that I would relish.

Yes, this is a fantasy, but I bet that it is one that has flitted across the minds of a few in Orbite management, and with some Quebec bureaucrats as well.