ORT engineer #1.  Hey, do you think a new calcinator might solve our purity/volume problem?

ORT engineer #2.  Might just do it.  Hey Randy, can we have several million more dollars to try a new calcinator, it might work.

RB.  Sure guys, why not give it a try.  We've still got money in the bank.

THE MORAL OF THIS LITTLE MYSTERY PLAY  is that those engineers have got a lot of it right so far... 4N+ isn't bad.  They built the plant in just over 6 months, from the dirt up.  If you think they are just rolling the dice on this fix, you are dreaming.  They've been troubleshooting the problem for several months (all those months when we were waiting with bated breath for the big announcement) and they have found the solution, and they know, to the greatest degree of certainty that anyone can know anything, that it is going to work.

Ane remember, it's HPA that we are selling.  While the price may not be as high as it was, it is a saleable commodity.  We're making it now, and just waiting to get the equipment that will make it faster and more pure.  Orderw will come in when we are ready.  And we have a deal with Veolia for world-wide red mud remediation royalties, with a demo plant going to shovel in the ground status in less than a year.

The sky is not falling Chicken Little.   And just because AGMH says it is doesn't make it so, unless you fall for it and make his prophesy self-fullfilling.  The share price is just what someone is willing to pay today and what someone is willing to sell for today.  I looked up at 4:10 pm and the sky was still there, and it will be there tomorrow regardless if AGMH's guess (because that's what it is) is correct.   And it's not always linear... on April 4th we closed down 12 cents  at 97 cents and on April 5 we closed up 26 cents at $1.23. Tomorrow could just as easily mirror that.  And when the share price is up at $5 or $6, he and all the little varmints will just skuttle away, or more likely, they'll be posting, "mark my words, this is going to fall to $4 tomorrow"... with a big finger pointing at you... hey, maybe that is the "fat finger".