The original post:

"Terrible situation they put themselves in. With fear and limited funds, comes loss of leverage. I don't think there are many people like me who really believe in this company and I'm even starting to have doubts. Not in the process, but management and execution.They put themselves in a very unfortunate position of weakness. 

Again, that does not mean they can't get it done. I believe they will or I would have sold. They are just going to get it done with terms we should never have received.

If I'm a JV partner and financier who believes in the ability to make a return with Orbite, I'm going after the jugular. According to the stock price, I believe they are."

A response:

"The “jugular” thingie” isn’t all this new to this board. Just search the related term “takeover” and you will find numerous (indirect) references. Most, if not all of them, have been dismissed"

My response to the "jugular thingie:"

"What is new though is the recent trading range for this stock which seems to be in its' comfort zone, directly effecting company valuation and the prospects for further capital raises at a good cost to the company, as well as the impending arrival and installation of the calcinator; successful implementation of that being critical to the company's stated goals.

Which, to me, means that this would be a perfect time to rethink the ongoing negotiations, from the point of view of potential JV partners. I seriously doubt that the old terms,unknown to us of course, are still the bones upon which a new agreement will be based. These guys are sharks, and the smell of blood in the water is too intoxicating to them to ignore. They will demand more than a pound of flesh. We are talking about the aluminum business after all.

Of course, a non- brokered private placement share+warrant announcement involving unnamed foreign investors might also come out of the word work as well. Which might be one of the few options available soon, if things don't break the right way for the company. The company has put the $300 million prospectus out there, but that don't mean that those with the money won't demand and receive a little more. I would actually be more worried about the short term capital needs, however, if I was involved.

Long term thinking is great, but sometimes you had better worry about the day to day hurdles that can jump right out in front of you.

They need money and the clock is ticking. The only questions really are where to get it and at what cost.

The devil will be in the details which hopefully will be broadcast as soon as they are available, and not released at Sedar over the weekend when it happens."