Of course I agree with you Tango, that they didn't KNOW it wouldn't go lower.  Who of us ever knows where the bottom is... or the top for that matter.  We make our best guess, and we live with the consequences.  We hope to buy near the bottom, and sell near the top, with the key word being "near", because without a crystal ball, that's usually the best any of us can do.

On the other hand, if we have allowed them to " instill a lack of confidence in the stock" to use your words, then we have done ourselves a disservice.  I'm not saying that there aren't reasons for us to be less optimistic about ORT than we were in early January when we all had stars in our eyes, but the share price is not one of those reasons.  If we want to be concerned about the fact that the pushback in terms of sales and revenues puts the company in a position where it may be challenged in terms of its cash flow, that's smart.  But to confuse the share price with the worth of the company is (not always, but certainly right now) to invest with your heart rather than your head.  Today was one of those "sinking feeling" days when your heart feels like it's in your throat if you do that... but nothing is any different from Friday.  Nothing has changed in our company, and while the company has not released new news, they told us three weeks ago not to expect any for a couple of months.

If you make your money trading, good for you too, and I hope you succeed.  I sometimes wish I had the confidence to do that.  But I don't, and I'm still pretty sure that I will make money on ORT... not as much as I would have if everything had clicked perfectly, but of couse, that only makes sense.  Even if I was hoping that everything would go perfectly, I sort of knew that the reason it was called "speculative" was because it might not.

But really, does that make the company worth two thirds less than it was worth on October 12, 2012 (closed at $3.10)?  In my book, it is worth considerably more than it was then, with a plant that was not yet complete, and which had not produced an ounce of anything.  Now we run scared because it is complete, and it has produced, but just not as pure as we would like and at as high a daily rate as we would like.

These are not the best of times, but they surely are not, either , the worst.