I know that in posting, others will jump all over me and point out that I just joined today, and speculate as to whether I have a hidden agenda or not ....... but so be it.  let the bashing begin, but perhaps others might have some insight on this topic.

Why is there a delay in the delivery of the equipment from the suppliers to Orbite??

Are the suppliers truly late?

If so, are there delivery penalties or liquidated damages included in the supply contracts such that Orbite can recover costs?

Or have the suppliers put the deliveries on hold pending payment from Orbite, in other words they won't release the equipment until they receive payment?

Has Orbite possibly put the equipment on hold?  And if so, why??  Is it because they are changing the plant design, or possiblt can't pay for the equipment, or perhaps have they found a better supplier for the equipment who can supply equipment that is technically better, or perhaps at a lower cost?

It seems odd to me that the statement has been made that the delivery is just "delayed", yet no reason for the delay is being given nor is anyone seemingly asking the reason for the delay.