upon a time,  an analyst heard about a new process that would revolutionize the aluminae industry.

Not convinced and thinking that this was just another pipe dream so common in the world of miming, he told his collegues all about the new joke on the streets.  So sure that this new company was destined to be just another joke but perhaps great way to make a ton of money shorting it, that he decided to call WOLF. this man went on to do this  since he was  knowledgable in this field and there was no way that someone could do this as it had been tried hundreds of times before. This brought a lot of attention to this man, everyone commended him.

To make sure people would keep viewing him as a great analyst, the man made BOLD statements about this companies technology by basing an example using a completely different manufacturing company to reafirm why he cried WOLF

To his surprize he was then chastized by this company's  CEO for not doing the proper DD and that his research was unfounded.

Once this got out, it angered the aluminun game changing tecnological company and everyone that was working and tresting the new tecnology  for the new company.

 The man was ousted from any possibility to meet with them in return. Months went by and allthough the company made great strides in devellopment they ignored this man. The man, really annoyed that the company would never invite him to see this new technology went on  claiming that this would never work and since it had never been done before, a lot of people decided to short the company.

One day, the copmpany proved that this new process could work and could work with all kinds of precious and rare materials and could even help their fellow man by cleaning uip the environment

  The man, afraid to be laughed at, changed his story and said, well, I meant it would never work to production scale. Since then, the man has yet to have been invited to view this bright new plant and mingle  with hundreds of people that have worked and proved  that the process works. He  is still crying WOLF and is coming out with another reason why the new company will fail.

Back at the office today, even his collegues have realized that the man was wrong, that the company is an incredible Canadian accomplishement and that the man might just be suffering from a busted ego as more and more people ignore his rants.

So, the moral of the story is, 

 ( A) Your Ego should always be in check 

 ( B ) Never take a dump where you eat, you'll never get invited for diner again

( C ) Kepp an open mind, after all, technology changes faster than the seasons now days

( D ) once you become  an AH, chances are you will die as one