Each line (link) is for a specific period. April 4 is for the short sales from Mar 16th to end of month. Mar 26 (which seems late to me would cover the period from Mar 1 to 15th.

                                           Mar 1 - 15                            Mar 16 - 30

short trades                        4976                                     1335

%total trades                      9.45%                                  14.58%

Short volume                    1, 634,000                           5,974279

% total volume                      12.43%                                 19.18%

Short value                      $2,646,772                          $10,156,806

% traded value                       12.47%                               19.19%


So you can get all kinds of useless (lol) info from this. eg. new shorting decreased in the last 1/2 of the month. I would assume the reason is that the SP was down. Fewer starting/adding to a short position. Stats have nothing to do with the total accumulated number of shares shorted, except that they affect the totals.