We are trying to co-ordinate a short squeeze.

Currently there are 13,859,124 shares short.

When you sign your margin account there is a clause that says your shares can be lent out. (ie for shorting)

If your shares are in an RRSP or TFSA, those shares can NOT be lent out for shorting.

Trying to sell your shares for a high price, does not stop they from being shorted.

I spoke to friends and they will speak to other large shareholders to make sure that their shares are NOT in margin accounts.

If the shares are in a margin account (ask your broker), then this is what you need to do.

1. Open up a cash account.
2. Transfer shares from your margin account to your cash account.

It's that easy. If shares were lent out, then the person who shorted will have to buy shares of Orbite to cover the shares he/she borrowed.

A short squeeze can lead to a rapid rise in the share price.

This will only work if everybody makes the effort, so please do so.