Schiff, you know I like the smell of that.  But I don't care what manipulation has occurred, any lowball bid will be quickly replaced by others wanting in on the action,   I also believe that only a canadian company will be able to buy ORT as all others will be seen as not in the National interest of Canada, You laugh???? Guys,  when Putin and Harper discuss ORbite, It is in the national interest of both countries, that is how potentially important this company is.  The various clean  technologies in a variety of fields that orbite HAS  successfully brought to fruition make this company a diamond in the rough right now.  22 million shares passed in the last two weeks,  Shorts covered and now they await the spoils. Those of weak constitutions have been cheated out of their shares.  AND a bidding war would be so sweet.   We,  as the major shareholders,  will continue to say NO to any buyout under, hmmmmmmm 15????  And that is so cheap to what the shareprice of this company can become,  if only half of all what  is Orbite,  is developed!!!   Really,  With the technology this company ha,  this company is set to deliver a number of NRs that will shock people in their breadth of alliances and the players in these partnerships.    Good days are ahead!

Oh Yea,

I love this company    :))