I am not ignoring you. I am waiting for further info regarding your claim, which, I honestly dont believe. To be clear, you stated that alex knox told you that an employee from the plant at cap chat called cbc radio to complain about an issue? a problem? a grievance? Surely you asked alex for more details once he decided to "wave you over" and confide in you, some stranger at a pdac show. Didnt you press alex for what the specific "complaint" or issue was? :-)


AMAZING that alex knox, geologist emeritus, would confide to you, a TOTAL stranger, sensitive information, especially at a time when attacks against orbite are almost a daily occurence...amazing....alex must have intuitively sensed what a trusting guy you are and that you would never run to a place called stockhouse to publish what alex told you in 'confidence'...


is that what you expect me or anyone to believe? so far, marc johnson says its not true...im waiting for fruther clarification from maryniuk, or alex.


to be honest, I see you posting a negative, a very nebulous negative(i.e. some "complaint" from some "employee", but you dont name the cmplaint or the employee) and you didnt press knox for details once he dicided to confide in you? hmmmmmmmmmmm....and then, you attempt to cover yourself with positive posts like the one above about how now 'other mining companies are coming around to orts tech'....


I see you as just another clever shill using false pretenses to create doubt and panic.


I will be back on this story...bet on it.