This is not mine and i will keep the writer simply a Ghost Writer . I did not write this !!!!!!!!!!!  I feel real small trying to follow my charts after reading this one . I almost want to throw in the towel because I do not have the time or the patience . In the end it is the fundamentals we bought into and not the TA ? 
On a steep decline on an almost perfect red candle (opened near the high closed at the low) the 52 week low was broken. The next day a long doji formed gapped the smallest amount from the first red candle itself a one cent body. The next day formed a strong morning star with the confirming third day opening at the top of the doji on a large gap and closing above the body of the first day red candle (its a 3 day pattern as most already know).
That's always a strong reversal signal; but, there's quite a bit more. The longer the first and third candles are the better and these are both average length. But it meets 4 more power conditions. The more indecisive the doji is the stronger the reversal. A gap between both the first and the third candle signals strength, and the higher the close of the third day above the midpoint of the first candle the more it signals a strong reversal. And finally when all this occurs in an oversold condition it adds to the probability the reversal will occur.
There's more. Without the morning star, the stock displayed a strong doji gap. Technically you normally get this in a classic morning star, but the gap size and the close above the first candle ensured a strong reversal signal without the first candle. Finally the 52 week low should have provided support. Instead it struggled back to close just below but above the double bottom just over a year ago.
On the Richter scale (logarithmic) of TA signals I class this one above a 9. I don't care. I didn't buy. I just pay attention to it. Anyone that wants to follow along this call is welcome.
Draw a line from the top of the Feb 13 trading day where it tried to move above the bottom of the previous sideways channel at 2.43 (I know there are other opinions here). Extend that line to the bottom of the doji on March 06 (1.54). Now draw out a line equal degrees from plumb extending out the other side to form a V. Extend that line to 2.43. ORT has performed inside that projection for one day so far.
What are the odds of this strong uptrend now? Pretty bad right? That's GA. Gut Analysis. It's also A (analysis) because the sellers have been dominant for months. FA says we should both be lower (sales, net worth, assets) and higher (prospects, potential), and TA to your humble writer says what I've just spelled out with enough force that I made a prediction. 
Final commet is today confirmed the start of the trend reversal following the expected channel with a clean white candle (low was the open closed near the top) and a minimal gap on good volume. I don't trade TA and I caution everyone to form their own opinions. I hold ORT shares long. I interpret this signal as very strong and I won't be suprised that it forms at least a part of that leg which as I've said is not causing me to buy nor am I encouraging anyone to. Have some fun. We're all going to die anyway.