The fact that orbite possesses game changing patents that are attracting a variety of behemoth companies with varied businesses around the world makes it very difficult to predict what could envelope with ORT's future on any given day. Did anyone predict the signed deal with veolia to remediate red mud globally? Now that ORBITE is producing HPA which is a very refined form of SGA and that their acid process which separates other valuable elements works, who knows how many directions this company will take based on very strong demand from aluminum, Alumina hungry corporations and rare earth mining companies around the world. Orbite is negotiating with customers for HPA as well as JV's and partnerships as they complete commissioning. Based on all the global interest anything can happen. The signed deal with Veolia was not even expected at this time by the average investor and was of course not  factored in the PEA but could certainly be added to the BFS along with possibly many other deals that would dramatically change the scope and magnitude of the companies profits and their ability to raise cash. Orbite has not even tipped the surface. As shareholders we are in for many exciting deals this year which could change the companies priorities overnight. The great thing about unique intellectual property is that it can be applied anywhere in the world under conditions that is best for the company and shareholders. GLTA