But the fact still remains that there are only 3.6 million shortable shares along with what they can borrow at 13 %

massivly shorted and as mentioned before they are gambling that this does not work and thus all the commotion.

  All this what they have done after the 14 I consider legal...

what is not legal is what was done on Feb 14 and possibly the hiding of 5.5 million shares in USA so that they do not have to deliver the borrowed shares here and keep them under the radar all the while thes IIROC flunkies tell you not my problemo !!.

If they had to borrow 4.2 million plus another 5.5  million at 13% because they do not want to cover.....you gotta know what is in store for them down the road if and when orbite proves out what they say ?

  short term pleasure for longterm pain may be their outcome  For now, we are in short term pain for those that can stand the heat.