Putin and Harper discussed ORBITE and the OIL Fields, yes, they were of similar importance to both Canada and Russia,  A leading  international company, Veolia,  in waste management has partnered with Orbite to clean up the red mud pollution around the world, no not just in France or Canada, AROUND THE WORLD.  Orbite is not a concept anymore, it is real, it is cutting edge, it is environmentally friendly, it is a gamechanger in a number of different areas.  and we are the lucky ones to be shareholders..  Let the current  winds blow wherever they want, in the end ORT will be a multi billion dollar company. Of that I have no doubt.  There is no shortage of buyers in these tough economic times.  Metal companies are getting hammered, Apple is getting hammered, the banks are doing well, how about that!!!! There turn will come, as will ours.  You can't keep a good company down, and ORBITE is better than good, it will be amazing.  Rumour still has a number of  american companies trying to be very nice to RB.  The list is long and distinguished.  Patience is the best characteristic you need at the moment.