Some may argue that it is the republican intransigence that is to blame.  By cutting costs another name for austerity, which means putting even more people out of work and causing even more shock to consumer spending, an no new taxes for the wealthy, how does that make things better???? Cuts only hurts the middle class and the poor, the wealthy just keep sailing along on the backs of everyone else.   Getting very tired with the Republican bs about austerity is the answer at the expense of everyone but them!!!

Get real, the masses are getting worse and worse off, while the wealthy keep getting wealthier and wealthier, that's okay if your in the 1%, but the atmosphere is getting worse and worse, people are waking up to the indebtedness that the banksters  are creating around the world. Countries are now owned by the banksters, they are now pulling the strings right out in the open.  Oh yea and in the face of a profitable year, Morgan Stanley just announced major job cuts.  Not enough money coming in for their liking, got to cut jobs to maintain the bonuses.  And here is the worst thing about the financial system. When a company lets go of their employees, their share price improves. the banksters reward their lackeys for worsening the economic picture. Antoninny, your view of the world is clouded by your pocketbook!!!  I'm in the game, don't like it, think it is corrupt, and it's  a way to continue the financial madness we find ourselves in, but I got to do what I got to do, but unlike you, I don't have to like it, encourage it or describe it as the only way to go. It isn't, and I hope that one day it is changed.