Does anybody notice that recently we are continuously on the defensive ? All our time here is spent constantly in protection mode . Yes we do have very valid complaints but it seems that the only way we can handle those complaints is by complaining . Why not a two pronged attack ? Keep on doing what you are doing by getting the information out there . That is the right and it is just thing to do on your part . That being said I am not Pro Lawyer and see that as only hurting the cause .


Here is my suggestion to put us on the offense instead of the above .  Do you think Orbite would agree to give an escorted tour of the plant by an accredited Chemical Engineer ?  Obviously he or she cannot have any vested interest in Orbite and their agenda is to write an unbiased general report . This is not about writing a scientific engineering report but to give an unbiased visual validation / confirmation ,  Anyway this is an idea that is swirling around in my head but do know how exactly to go about it . What I do like about it is that it is Pro Active and takes an aggressive stance that would not be seen as defensive.