Antoninny, I'm not going down for U, but you may kiss my azzz anytime!!!! Really, we have had three flash crashes, and been manipulated till we can't stand anymore, and you want us to turn the other cheek, the one you will be kissing soon, and just ignore the manipulators.   Enough is enough, what has turning the other cheek gotten us so far, more manipulation, well, if we make enough noise, maybe something will happen, Your actions of just continuing to play THEIR game just loses us money, No Thanks Id rather rattle the sabre and fight these 1%ers, obviously you are one of the game players!!!!

When the abused rise, the abusers will rue the day.   More and more abusers are looking around and trying to figure out why.  When the game is rigged, you will eventually fall.  Ninny if the economy keeps tanking, if Europe falls, if the USA keeps spending uncontrollably, if a depression to make all depressions look puny, arrives, all very likely results,  the situation will become very dire for the average guy. You guys, in ur gated compounds, may think you are safe, but poop happens all the time...   The 99% is slowly awakening to the circumstances the 1% have put them in. You control the banks, the governments and the economy and your avarice has resulted in the present cicumstances. Your house of cards will soon fall, enslaving the world in debt the only thing u know how to do.  and that's the way I see it.

Macman Marx!!!!!!  : ))